Defining Who We Are and What Our Brand Stands for

Driven by a fearless mindset, Cypher Labs stand ready to apply our skills to the emerging blockchain space and solve the complex challenges of tomorrow and beyond. We are ready to build and empower our community as the intersection of talent and innovation, to deliver the best in modern engineering for a smarter tomorrow. We are Cypher Labs. Innovate Beyond.

Through our fearless community, we pioneer modern blockchain engineering to solve complex challenges that deliver incredible outcomes for a smarter tomorrow. We are Cypher Labs. Innovate Beyond.

Core statements

To contribute a community of innovators so together we can redefine what’s possible with blockchain.

To be the leading developer of blockchain talent and innovation.

Embrace Innovation

We are ready to embrace the possibilities, utilising technology and our combined intelligence to redefine a smarter future.

We welcome knowledge at every level, seeking to further enhance our curious nature and push the boundaries from within.

We are energised by our work, ready to solve the challenges of tomorrow as one innovative collective.

Develop Community

We are ready to build and empower our community, acting as the intersection for innovation and talent engagement.

We celebrate the differences in our team and those who join our community, so the collective dream can become reality.

We appreciate every input, no matter how small, and harness the opportunities from whatever we discover.

Play Fearless

Driven by a fearless mindset and galvanised to apply our skills to an emerging space.

We are disruptive in our approach and ready to play in the arena of creativity.

We are here to work hard but share in the spoils because, to us, solving the challenge is what drives us each and every day.

Solve Smart

We are ready to harness our collective problem solving ability to deliver the best in modern engineering.

We believe the smartest solutions come from focused research and an sophisticated application.

We are dedicated to our craft, our people and our connected ambition to deliver on our big ideas for the benefit of everyone.


Believers in disruptive creativity, driven by an appetite for exploration and transformation.

We are: intelligent
But we’re not: intimidating

We are: enthusiastic
But we’re not: unrealistic

We are: fearless
But we’re not: reckless

We are: confident
But we’re not: arrogant

We are: discrete
But we’re not: distant

We are: adaptable
But we’re not: ad-hoc

Innovate Beyond

Colour Palette

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Winter Forest

PMS: 316
CMYK: 100-10-29-68
RGB: 0-72-83


PMS: 1505
CMYK: 0-64-100-0
RGB: 255-104-0


CMYK: 0-0-0-0
RGB: 255-255-255


CMYK: 0-0-0-10
RGB: 230-230-230


CMYK: 0-0-0-35
RGB: 179-179-179


CMYK: 40-0-29-0
RGB: 143-215-198

Smokey Black

CMYK: 100-10-0-92
RGB: 0-18-20



Below are some examples of how our brand comes to life across various printed and digital applications.

Our brand look has been developed with our community in mind. One that reflects our vision and commitment to them and how we want engage.

A modern simple yet confident approach is what we aspire to achieve in all our communications.

Designed with flexibility and structure to comfortably convert from printed documents to engaging fresh digital communications.

The examples shown below demonstrate this flexibility and how brand look can adapt to our audience so we are always communicating with maximum effect.

If you have any questions or seek clarification on developing collateral please speak to the brand creators via the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Guideline Usage

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All applications of this Logo and/or any other Logos or graphics provided with these guidelines must be submitted for approval to the Brand Team prior to release or production.

Usage Rights

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Asset Usage

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Contact Us

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